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Things to know before travelling to Himachal Pradesh


Unforgettable Himachal is a fabulous Destination. It is an abode of gods and goddesses where the endless natural beauty, makes you feel so heavenly. Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its exotic panoramas but for its adventures, culture and the people’s simplicity too. However before visiting this enchanting state, one must go through our listing of “Things to know before travelling to Himachal Pradesh”


It is important to keep yourself up-to-date regarding the weather and route conditions of Himachal Pradesh. This will help you in avoiding any sudden inconvenience arising during the tour.


The roads to Himachal are narrow, at high altitude and are curvy too. Thus the person driving the vehicle must be well trained to tackle all these road hassles. Also during snowfall the roads get more risky, thus the novice drivers must avoid driving during winters.


Before travelling to Himachal Pradesh one must include these items in their packed luggage: Warm Clothes for few districts, comfortable Shoes, Prescribed Medications, Extra Eatables, and spare vehicle Parts etc. In Himachal few areas are well developed but most of them are either on developing stage are totally remote ones. Thus, to remain comfortable in every situation one must have enlisted items.


During camping or trekking tours, pack up only mandatory baggage. Overloading your trekking bags will cause various hitches in addition to slowing your hike speed.


Travelers must carry Id proofs, permit cards or any other vital documents during their visit to Himachal Pradesh.


To explore best of the tourist destinations in Himachal, one must loll around in Kasauli, Manali, Shimla, Sangla, Kalpa, Kinnaur, Dharamshala, Dalhousie etc.


Just like any other tourist destinations one must reserve their hotels, transport in advance. This will help you in getting better services at reasonable prices.


Apples, strawberries and cherries of this state are just deliciously-tasty. So one must grab them as soon as one reaches here in Himachal. 


Few of the areas and things in Himachal Pradesh are very much sacred. Thus the visitors must show same kind of respect to holy idols, spots, trees etc as the locals do.


Himachal Pradesh is the second least corrupted state in India and holds very low criminal rates too. Thus, while wandering in this state one needs not to worry about life or financial security.  


The fairs and festivals of Himachal are traditionally delightful. So if you are planning your vacation during holidays, do not miss the hospitality of locals and colorful environment of Fairs.     


The Himachali’s esp. in their 30s-50s are quite friendly. So if they start a conversation with you, do not feel offended. It’s just their nature to mix up with new people and assist them.


Be aware of taxi drivers who might try to mislead you to another hotels or destinations other than the ones pre-booked by your tour operators.


The visitors must read and abide by the danger signs. Many times visitors lose their lives by not following up the guidelines and thus ending up in flowing rivers, snow pits, accidents etc


Since Himachal is a developing state the aid standards, shopping arcades, Hotel Amenities, Transport Services might not match to the standards of already developed areas. Thus the visitors must understand this and vis-a vis co-operate with the service providers.  



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