It is our constant endeavor to provide our customers with superior quality services. An executive decision has been taken by Bharat Booking Holidays Managing Director to appoint dedicated franchise agents in India to facilitate our valued patrons. The objective is to shorten the turn-around time in servicing our customers. Expanding our network is the obvious solution. Hence the franchise policy is in place.


Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt Ltd. now plans to bring the world of travel services at your doorstep by setting up a network of franchisees all over the country. Each of these franchisees will offer a host of travel related services under one roof and in the process, makes travel a lot simpler for their customers.

  • A travel franchise offers you the chance to be your own boss, while operating under the security of an established brand.
  • As a travel franchise, you could see healthy profits like any established Travel Company without spending years concentrating on building your own brand to compete with the big agencies in the industry.
  • Fully-furnished retail outlet at prime location as per our guidelines.
  • Operating expenses, i.e. electricity, telephone, email, office rental, internet, etc.
  • Depute well trained staff as advised by Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. and pay salaries.
  • Ensure smooth financial functioning of the outlet and achieve sales target.
  • You are responsible for all rental, taxes, profits and losses of your company.
  • Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for any financial dealings or liabilities.
  • You will have to make advance payments for all your purchases with Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt Ltd., In case you need to make any credit purchase you will have to maintain a minimum balance as per your credit limit needs or provide a first class bank guarantee for your credit limit.
  • Associate with leading, award winning holiday brands & operate a profit generating business
  • Opportunity to sell a wide range of travel services like domestic and international air tickets, Indian Rail, domestic holidays, international holidays, MICE tours, educational tours, visa processing, Star Cruises, and many more travel related services.
  • Our technical support staff will support you on managing the business.
  • Marketing support to create awareness & generate enquiries.
  • Regular staff training for effective functioning.
  • Planning support for set up of outlet to offer convenience & experience to customers.
  • Regular communication updating partner about holiday market trends & events
  • An operational business space of :
  • 250 - 500 sq.ft.
  • 500 - 1000 sq.ft.
  • Premises should preferably be under ownership.
  • If premises on lease it must be permissible for five years.
  • Premises should preferably be on the ground floor.
  • Premises should be main road facing.
  • Premises should have a provision of a Sign board which will be clearly visible.
  • The franchise interiors and exteriors will have to follow the Bharat Booking Holidays look and feel from specifications and guidelines defined by Bharat Booking Holidays and the costs to be borne by you.
  • Capital Investment of Rs. 10 to 15 Lakhs which is exclusive of the setup cost borne by you.
  • You are granted with a license to trade as Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt. Ltd. bonded Franchise Travel Agency, benefiting from our domestic and international association.
  • You have eye catching internal Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt. Ltd Branding.
  • You have your name, address, contact number on our website.
  • Increase your income stream by introducing your client with numerous travels services.
  • You have all of your processing done through a system at our head office, enabling you to focus on generating more sales.
  • You receive staff training.
  • Your franchise can be terminated from Bharat Booking Holidays India Pvt. Ltd in case you are found to be misusing the name of the franchisor, or doing any illegal activities which will create a bad image to the organization.
  • You meet the monthly target of sales created by your centre.
  • You get involved in any financial irregularities with any person or companies.

I / We do hereby state that the information provided above is true to the best of my / our knowledge

  • » Air Ticketing (International & Domestic)
  • » International Packages
  • » Domestic Packages
  • » Sports tourism
  • » Group Tours
  • » Religious Holidays
  • » International Hotel bookings
  • » Domestic Hotel Bookings
  • » Cruises Vacations
  • » Rail Europe
  • » Overseas Travel Insurance
  • » International Package Bookings -  A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 5%.
  •  » Domestic Package Bookings –  A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 8%.
  •  » Hotel Bookings -   A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 7%.
  •  » International flight Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 3% of the basic fare (excluding taxes).
  •  » Domestic flight Bookings - A franchisee will be given Portal of our Company where Franchisee can book the Domestic Tickets. Commission Structure will be mentioned on the portal.
  • » Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 10%.
  • » Overseasavel Insurance Bookings -  A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 25%
  •  » Europe Rail Packages - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 4%
  • » Group Bookings - This shall be decided on query to query basis.

The main role of the Franchisee is to generate more & more business. Franchisee should give Advertisements in the Local Magazines, Newspaper & Local TV Channels on a regular basis. Apart from that, a franchisee will get leads from our website as we are promoting it all over India. The franchisee shall bear 25% of the cost of the expenses made on promotion of the website.

  1. Franchisee must have Office premises of at least 400 Sq.fts.
  2. Premises should have a provision of a Sign-Board which will be clearly visible.
  3. Office must have two telephone lines, a fax line and proper air-conditioning.
  4. Office must have a computer, internet connectivity, printer and a scanner.
  5. Unit must have minimum 2 executive staff members that are fluent in English and their regional language.
  1. Franchisee will pay a Brand Royalty Fee of INR 3, 00,000/- for 2 years to Bharat Booking Holidays. This is a franchisee fee which will be non-refundable.
  2. An optional interest free refundable floating deposit of minimum INR 2,00,000 shall be payable to Bharat Booking Holidays to accept & process your last minute confirmations.
  3. The Franchisee will operate as per the guidelines and parameters set by the Bharat Booking Holidays H.O. in Manali from time to time.
  4. The Franchisee should be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned in the Franchise agreement.
  5. No financial commitments related to discounts or overcharging is allowed on behalf of Bharat Booking Holidays to any individual or company without written consent from the H.O.
  6. Franchisee should not during the term of agreement, shall not engage in any other identical business similar to the Franchisee.
  7. Bharat Booking Holidays will not be obliged to fulfil any commitment on behalf of the Franchise unit that has been incorrectly interpreted to any client being individual or company.
  8. Stationery should be printed only after obtaining written approval by the Head Office.
  9. Bharat Booking Holidays will not be able to incorporate the agents name in their advertisements as per company policy, however, telephone numbers will be positioned in advertisements at the sole discretion of the Head Office.
  10. Bharat Booking Holidays won’t provide any Credit facility to the Franchisee and likewise any credit provided by the Franchisee to the client must be dealt with on their own risk.
  1. The Primary benefit of franchising is risk minimization as starting a new business is risky.
  2. The experience of Bharat Booking Holidays management team increases the potential success through formal instruction & on the Job Training.
  3. The Franchisee name will be displayed on websites operated by Bharat Booking Holidays.
  4. The queries generated on our website.
  5. Franchisee will be invited to all the Travel Trade Events which would take place in India or Abroad where Bharat Booking Holidays will be a Participant.
  6. Franchisee will be provided with the Copy of the Certificate of IATA, ADTOI & OTOAI to display in the office.