About Bharatbooking - Leading Travel Management Company


Ever since the Bharat Booking Holidays has been introduced, it is dealing with inbound as well as outbound tourism whether it is readymade or tailor made Tours.It has been registered under companies-registrar vide companies act. The company cultivates a culture of innovation and excels at introducing new concepts to the market. Our team members have travelled extensively to numerous destinations, gaining unique insights knowledge of the Destinations and hence now recommending to our clients. Being passionate Travelers themselves, they combine an intuitive understanding with the customers as to serve them with the best suited tour package. Whether it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or 365 days throughout the year, our staffs is totally dedicated towards their client thus making a magical connection with them.


Key Factors For The Great Success Of Bharat Booking Holidays

The company image is always determined on two basic factors, Qualitative and Quantitative. Thus Our Company’s Motto serves both at the same time i.e. Reasonable Rates along with Uncompromising Services. We provide with a vast range of Products and Services, from both Global Chains and Independent Supplier. By being co-operative with Customers, Business Partners and Travel Communities we have had great Success in the Travel Sector.


Optimum Service Levels

The main focus of Our Company is to provide a customer with more than satisfactory services as to ensure a Flawless, enjoyable and comfortable journey


Sustainable & Maintenance Services

Proper attention is given to the customer’s demands by delivering them Special and Personal Services.


Time Management

As soon as the customer makes a request, no time is wasted in providing an ideal travel package. What else can a customer ask for more than a timely response and our undivided attention!!


A Comfortable Personal Attention

On arrival you ll be esp. greeted by our representative and while checking in the hotel you ll be welcomed with a warm smile of the hoteliers. Our Daily calls will acquaint you with your day schedule and will also acknowledge us if the tour gliding as promised without a hitch or being just a hassling trip for you. After all, there's nothing more comforting than a friendly face in a faraway place.


Co-Ordination With Professionalism

A well coordinated network has been created between our company with various stakeholders, hoteliers, and travel agencies, transport operators etc, so as to provide the customers with exceptional services.



Since our company is well known for its honesty therefore the customers feel secure while investing their money on our ever memorable services


Cost Efficiency

The range of our products varies from low- budgeted to highly expensive ones thus taking all the worries about your economical conditions.


Offers & Promotion

Promoting tools like: Advertising in media, Magazines, worldwide spread internet , etc are used to promote the company . In addition we also introduce various special offers & incentives which benefits for customer as well as travel intermediaries.



By winning the hearts of our customers through our services, We always get referrals which keep on expanding our business


Proper Guidance & Commitment

Our Efficient tour Executive always guides their guest as their near and dear ones and serves them with proper Information ( Not even single incidence has occurred when wrong commitment is done)



Understanding the client’s requirement is very crucial while designing the Tour Package. So no matter which tour you plan whether is honeymoon, Vacation tour, Pilgrimage etc, we understand and provide the customers with the best and vast range of tours.



We believe “Keep On Improving” takes a man to higher levels. So, we work hard day and night and make ourselves the best in travel industry.

our tourism products

individual tour (fits)

For Families and Individual Travelers, we offer a variety of Tour services which are refreshing, overwhelming, Affordable, relaxing & worth investing your time on.

group travel (gits)

A group travel consists of 15 or more Travelers. They are very economical type of tours in which the cost of accommodation and transportation is divided proportionately low which helps to get all the services on very reasonable prices .

honeymoon tours

On one hand , Sun, sea and sand & Beach are in vogue today and on the other hand a trip to hill stations has been all time favorite, so Spend your Lavish Honeymoon Trip just the way you dreamt it through Bharat Booking Holidays.

pilgrimage tour

Variety of Pilgrimage tour are organized by our company which includes: Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh Christian, Muslim, Jain , Zoroastrian Pilgrimages . They are designed in such a way , to delight you with all the comfort and prices.

sports and adventures tours

Bharat Booking arranges various type of adventure sports covering Land Based adventures, Water Based adventures or Aerial sport Activities for novice, Professional spectators, or the people who just want to try their hands in their favourite Sport.

wildlife tour

People always get fantasized from viewing and photographing the wildlife elements. So, Bharat Booking gives you the opportunity to watch it all from your eyes and get amazed.

health and medical tours bharat

The company offers a treatment destination for the purpose of Ayurveda, change in Climate, spas etc to enhance your physical appearance, and to create healthy and fresh atmosphere during recuperation period (If recommended by Doctors).


For special Occasions special packages are designed to let the customers enjoy the festive season /Carnivals which is full of enthusiasm, Spirit.

youth tour

As the Tour name specifies (Youth), The Package are designed for young hearted people (Below 30 Years) who are keen to travel, prefer huge entertainment and crave for Adventure Travel.

eco tour

These tours are designed for environmentally Friendly visitors, who are concerned to visit and protect the disturbed environment of a particular area.

rural tour

Some people (Esp. Foreigners) have a unique taste of experiencing Village Lifestyle, Ethnic Arts & Crafts, and Culture etc in their traditional setting and prefer to go beyond star Hotels and Luxurious life. So, Our company makes it possible to take them there so that they can witness & experience it themselves.


In Travel Industry, a huge competition has been arising among various Companies. Often, making the Customers confused about their decision. Although there are thousands of reasons which make Bharat Booking the best company but just few are highlighted below to help the Customer immediately go for Bharat Booking without having second thoughts: