For Bharat Booking, B2B deals are like dealing with brothers and sisters!!
It’s great to share the products, ideas, knowledge and experience with each other. And above all, maintain an unbreakable bond in which we achieve our goals and problems that arise in the Travel Industry together.

Bharat Booking acts as a buyer, as a seller, as advisor and as a distributor in B2B Deals. If you believe, you provide exemplary services and have unbeatable deals for any particular destination service / share with us. We will promote and distribute your perfect deals among our precious customers. In case of reversals, when you require our need for any deals, we will be glad to assist you wholeheartedly and offer our best services.
2 is better than 1 and that’s what B2B deals proves us. So join hands with Bharat Booking and enjoy below privileges:
Bharat Booking promises to give regular work to Tour Operators / Travel Agents/Transporters which help in overcoming complications arising during low season time.
    (1) We offer widest range of customized tours and also modify the products according to customer’s requirement.
    (2) We are available 24/7 which lets you connect with us anytime you wish to.
    (3) We deliver more than satisfactory services to customers and secure further referrals generating from them.
    (4)Our executives fully - support you and provide you proper guidance proper solutions in case you face any problems.
    (5) We have registration and log in facilities available on our website which gives you direct access to our ready made packages along with your TAC rates.
    (6) We offer highest TACs on our tour packages/services and hotels owned by BBH.
    (7) We have set Various Incentives Programs/ Schemes especially for you.
    (8) Complementary Services during your short visit to Manali.
    (9) We accept payments via Debit, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Online Banking, Cash in any of our 7 banks or 4 offices etc. to make transactions easier.
All in all, you experience moral support, financial benefits, co-operative behavior and lots more throughout our fruitful relationship..............